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Accredited by Yoga Alliance

If you want to be a yoga teacher and spread your love for yoga..

If you want to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga..

We welcome you to our evergrowing loving family, the YogaUnion family.

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During these hard times, that our planet is going through a crisis and where we are all challenged daily, it is important to stay united and help each other. And to help others we must first look to ourselves and not let the circumstances guide us away from our center.

Your experience with us will be a gift to yourself. A gift that will allow you to grow and develop right beside us, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Let us guide you in a journey inwards, a cornerstone in the ultimate quest for self-realization and self-love.



200hr vinyasa

Starting: 19th October 2020

Starting: 23rd November 2020

Starting: 4th January 2020

50hr yin

Starting: 9th November 2020

Starting: 14th December 2020


200h Vinyasa Yoga TTC
Next: October 19th 2020

Our signature, 23-days, course specializes in Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga, with a strong focus on the asana practice.


 50h Yin Yoga TTC 
Next: November 9th 2020

Dedicate 50 hours to discover and learn more about this holistic and restorative practice whilst becoming Yoga Alliance certified.



After thousands of hours of teaching, with thousands of graduates from all over the world, we have carefully shaped and refined our yoga courses to deliver the most educational, life-changing experience. Join our evergrowing, loving family!

We now offer the unique opportunity to:

• Start training and learn with us online from the comfort of your home

• Study through a mixture of live and pre-recorded lessons & lectures

• Complete your education at your own pace, either online or from our home base in Bali


All of YogaUnion’s courses are  accredited with Yoga Alliance.

Students who complete one of our online courses will receive a diploma accredited by Yoga Alliance and will be eligible to become Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) aswell as accredit the Continuous Education Hours.


Upon graduating from one of our courses and becoming a member of our family, you are entitled to a 15% student discount for all our online courses and our live training courses in Bali.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via this platform or send us an email at

We believe that whether one decides to teach or not after the training is of little importance. 
Our training will be an experience of self-knowledge and development.
We will learn and grow together, we will sweat and cry and laugh.
We will form unbreakable bonds. We will become a family.

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