YogaUnion is currently running several 200h Vinyasa TTCs every month in Bali.

Each group of students is given a different shala, all situated in Ubud, the heart of the cultural and yogic capital of Bali.

The Earth and Fire shala are located in the lush green and stunning Balinese rice fields and welcome two groups, one in each shala. This is where the training takes place when there are two TTCs running at the same time.

A third shala, Water shala, is opened in peak season, when a third TTC takes place. Water shala is located at Down The Rabbit Hole, a charming piece of paradise surrounded by loving nature.

No matter where your training takes place, all locations are unique and offer the most authentic experience you can possibly imagine here in Bali.
We can’t wait to welcome you and experience the magic that you will bring to our shalas!