dear yogi,
Dear yogi, welcome to our family. Welcome to our little heaven. Welcome to our dream, YogaUnion. We will be honest with you. We will not boast about our thousands of students or about our expert teachers. We will not focus on advertising. We do what we love. And we are very good at what we do. We do yoga.
Our mission
YogaUnion challenges the status quo. What we do transcends practice. We learn, re-learn, We break and grow. Every day, on our mats - we sweat, laugh, cry, together. We are present and aware. We support each other. We embrace the challenge; we welcome uncertainty and seek change. We do all, together. Build unbreakable bonds. We enter an ever-growing community. We become a family, a union. A YogaUnion.
Who we are
YogaUnion has been delivering Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC’s), based on Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, an internationally accredited program with Yoga Alliance, for over a decade now. Enchanted by Bali and its energy since the first training they held here, the original founders, Ourania and Spyros decided to call this magical land their new home. Now permanently situated in Ubud, the cultural and yogic capital of Bali. YogaUnion is currently running 200hr Vinyasa TTC, a unique and authentic course open to those who want to become yoga teachers, or simply deepen their practice.
Why us?
We don’t make empty promises - we truly believe we deliver something very special here and know that our course changes lives. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we can guarantee that if you take a leap to commit, you will never look back. It will be intense and challenging but know that you will come out on the other side stronger - mentally and physically. We’re delivering life-changing transformations. We really hope that you will join us here soon.


Join us on this journey to shift your perspective and challenge yourself on every level with the sole focus on your mental, spiritual and physical development. 

We will sweat together, we will laugh and we will cry. We will grow together. We are a family.

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GREECE 200h Vinyasa Yoga TTC


Our signature 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training course with a view of the majestic Ionian sea. Join us in the serene and peaceful sea side Greek village and experience the beauty of simplicity. One dominated by the blue of the sea and sky and the smell of the countryside.

BALI 200h Vinyasa Yoga TTC 


Our signature 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training course in the island of the Gods, Bali. Let us welcome you to our home, deep in the breathtaking ricefields of Ubud, surrounded by coconut trees and frogs. This is where the magic happens..


ONLINE SELF -PACED 200h Vinyasa Yoga TTC  

Our signature 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training course now online! All our knowledge and experience compressed in a series of pre-recorded lessons to go through at your own pace and at the convenience of your home, complimented with weekly live  classes by our teachers.




Beginner and Intermediate
All inclusive packages – from €1900
23 Days
Course, materials, lessons and exams in English language
 Training 6 days per week (Sundays are a day off)
3 meals per day (except days off)
Maximum participants in a class: 35
YogaAlliance certification


16 January 2022 - 7 February 2022
10 April 2022 - 2 May 2022
8 May 2022 - 30 May 2022
5 June 2022- 27 June 2022
3 July 2022 - 25 July 2022
31 July 2022 - 22 August 2022
28 August 2022 - 19 September 2022


16 January 2022 - 7 February 2022
13 February 2022 - 7 March 2022
13 March 2022 - 4 April 2022
10 April 2022 - 2 May 2022
8 May 2022 - 30 May 2022
5 June 2022- 27 June 2022
3 July 2022 - 25 July 2022
31 July 2022 - 22 August 2022
28 August 2022 - 19 September 2022
Yoga Alliance
YogaUnion’s 200hr Vinyasa Teacher training course is registered with Yoga Alliance. Students who will be certified from our school will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher.

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